LASER GADGETS by Patrick Priebe


Cyberpunk Uzi Mk I

- Custom lights and laser, sight not included.
- Batteries are stored in the mag.
- Rail and frontgrip optional.

Cyberpunk 2077 inspired Energy Katana

- Orange acrylis-glass blade, lit by white LEDs, main switch and trigger on the handle.
- Battery placed in the handle as well. - Custom colors and lights.

Cyberpunk SMG Mk I

- Cyberpunk 2077 inspired Laser SMG. Custom grip panels, lights and colors. Blue laser in the front.

Cyberpunk Rayvolver Mk II

- Custom colors and lights, 1.5W blue laser, RED DOT SIGHT not included!

Cyberpunk Rayvolver Mk I

- Cyberpunk 2077 inspired Laser Revolver, custom lights on the side and in the barrel, blue laser in the front.

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