LASER GADGETS by Patrick Priebe

Gear, accessories and art / sculptures / mechs

Scavenger helmet Mk I

- My first helmet. Aluminium frame and plating, fans keep your head cool. One in front of your mouth, one on top.
- Its just the proof of concept version, if you want something similar, let me know and we work something out.

Steampunk Grenade Box

- No fancy light but a ton of fabricated parts. Steel, brass, copper, even the little gauge is selfmade.
- The wooden box serves as a stand and display. Looks way better on the shelf.

Dungeons & Dragons DnD inspired wrist raygun

- Made of aluminium and brass, with a spinning little dish on the side.
- A display and some lights round up the look.
- Very unusual custom build.

Mechanimal #1: The Tick

- Made of brass, steel and some copper.
- Contains a main tank and a smaller secondary tank with liquid.
- Custom stand or diorama on request.

Jetpack Prop Mk I

- Jetpack Prop with lights.
- Full metal, custom colors and LEDs.
- Hidden main switch will light it up.

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