LASER GADGETS by Patrick Priebe

Laser Guns

- Custom Laser Guns / Rifles. LiPo battery or Li Ion
- 1,2 and 3 Watt blue laser available
- Battery-indicator
- Air-cooling
- Matching background LEDs
- Laser engravings (names, logos, initials)
- Custom paint

Halo Plasma Pistol Mk I

- Green lights in the center, colorshifting paint optional, would also look great in blue.
- Stand is otional as well.

Spacegun Mk I

- Sleek SciFi gun design.
- Custom beige-white, red, dark grey paintjob.
- Green LED in the rear, orange lights on side and front.
- Battery storage in the grip.

Legendary Blacky, colorshift finish

- Blue purple red orange colorshift paint, custom grip panels with hex structure.
- Lights match the color of the paint, custom stand matching the exterior on request.

Pocket Gun Mk I

- One of the smallest high power laser guns in stock!
- Futuristic design, status LED included, indicating on status
- Custom colors, 1.5 W blue laser max.
- Matching stand on request.

Pocketgun Mk II

- Most compact raygun, on-status LED, colorshifting paint optional.

Borderlands Maliwan Laser Pistol Mk I *NEW*

- Borderlands styled lasergun (my own design), inspired by the upcoming AAA game Borderlands 3
- Colors are generally up to the client, just as the lighting. Burning laser optional

Legendary Blacky

- Custom laser, custom colors, decals and LEDs, full metal body

Prop Gun Mk II

- Custom LEDs, decals and colors. Full metal body.

Retro RayGun

- Custom colors and LEDs, 3.5W laser max

Rick and Morty Laser blaster no#3

- One of the alien blasters from Rick and Morty. Custom colors and LEDs, max laser output 1.5W !
- Color-shifting paint job on request !

Rick & Morty Laser blaster no#2

- Custom LEDs
- blue laser up to 3W output
- custom center-piece (LEDs)
- colors of choice

Rick and Morty Laser blaster no#1

- Custom LEDs
- blue laser up to 2W
- custom colors


- 3W laser max (on request)
- static spinners only
- sound optional
- custom colors (skin) and LEDs

Custom Iron Man locker Shrine

- Customizable to make it fit "any" space
- Can hold 1-2 Laser Gloves plus custom IronMan-style gun or rifle
- Sound optional

Iron Man-style SMG

- 3W max
- custom LEDs and colors
- Light-up grip optional

Stretch 3W

- Stretch , up to 3W, custom colors and LEDs

Classic Phaser

- Classic Phaser +LEDs and custom paint

Classic Phaser Mk II

- Custom LEDs and colors, more compact design, 1.5W blue laser max

Double Barrel Phaser

- Double Barrel "phaser" with 2 lasers.
- Main switch turns on the LED, an additional switch is switching between green blue laser AND also LED.
- Matching stand and "silencer" optional.

Laser "Gauss" Gun

- Laser "Gauss" Gun, custom paint and LEDs, aiming laser, battery indicator

Inside Out

- InsideOut, internals showing, colors (paint, laser and LEDs) customizable

InsideOut Gun Mk II

- Custom colors, blue light in the center piece, orange light in the grip.
- Battery storage in the grip.
- Custom stand with blue lights in the pillar on request, blue laser as well.

Foosh Gun

- battery hidden under moving slide, custom paint and LEDs

Jupiter Ascending Lasergun

- Spinning core
- 24k Gold plating
- flip open battery storage

Halo Mk II



Flip Open Gun

Model Halo

Blacky / Whity

- Blacky 1-2W , custom paint and LEDs

Blacky Special

- Extended version of the blacky raygun
- More lights, more detail
- Battery stored in the grip.
- Custom stand on request.

Blacky Mk II

- Lights in grip and barrel on request, custom colors and LEDs. 1.5W laser, stretched version 3.5W max

Blacky 3W

- 3/6W Blacky, custom paint and LEDs


Continuous Beam Laser Gun

Available wavelengths:405nm, 445nm, 532nm and 808nm
Output- range:0.5W - 7W
Power-source:2x or 4x Li Ion Cell 14500 or 18650
On-time:5 - 60 min
Estimated assembly time:15 - 30 days
High Power versions pop balloons and lighting (even cutting) matches on several feet distance
Additional optics on request (for more serious cutting needs)
Active cooling on request

Iron Man's Lasergun

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