LASER GADGETS by Patrick Priebe


Borderlands 3 HYPERION SMG

- Based on the Apollo Rival blaster,still fully functional, full metal mod, hyperion color scheme, priming-bar added.

DOOM BFG 9000 Nerf Blaster

- Custom colors and lights, the yellow tubes are just decoration.
- It fires 2 shots from every Roughcut Nerf, so 6 in total.
- The priming knob sits on top, pull to prime! The new trigger system triggers all 3 Roughcuts at once.

Triad blaster mod

- Stronger spring plus metal parts plus lights = awesome.
- Still fires 3 darts, primes as usual.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 inspired Assault Rampage Blaster

Full metal Nerf Rampage mod:
- Custom colors, worker front grip. Added a main switch (orange ring of light when activated).
- LEDs would not be a problem either. Picatinny rail on top for "regular attachments".

Dual-Stryfe Mod

- Colors of choice, both blasters fully functional, same battery-storage as on the stock-blaster
- Additional lights and internal modding on request

Borderlands 3 Dahl SMG

- Custom Colors and LEDs. Made from a Rayven Bullpup Blaster
- Still functional, internal modding on request

Buzzbee Shotgun Mod

- Custom colors and lights, still loads from the rear, sled in the front for priming
- Additional Li Ion cell for the lights with an on switch on the side

Torgue Pistol (ex. Maverick)

- Custom paint and exterior, new priming-mech, the front is hinged, swings open for loading.

Maliwan Particle Rifle (ex. Revonix)

- Priming handle replaces the front-grip. Custom colors and LEDs, battery-compartment on the left side (under the battery symbol)
- Light-up-switch turns on/off the lights

Halo Plasma Rifle (ex. Rival Zeus)

- Almost identical to the in-game weapon design. Lights, new on/off switch
- Lower cover swings down, revealing batteries. Mag goes in through rear, as shown

RAVEN (Rayven Mod)

- Former Rayven, full metal parts, black finish, red LEDs
- Custom colors and lights. Looks great with a 15er banana-mag, but also with a shorter 5er.

Thunderlord STRYFE MOD

- Worker stock, custom paint and lights, more powerful tuning motors on request.

Warhammer 40k Bolter

- Custom colors and emblems, still functional, additional parts are made of metal!

"Rebelliator" Long strike CS-6 MOD

- Pink LEDs, custom colors and graphics, light-up blade below the grip and a sound module for a charging sound when priming


- Modded Rival Zeus blaster. Custom colors, LEDs and Li Ion replacements.

Modulus Recon Mk II "military / SCAR mod"

- Modulus Recon Mk II "military / SCAR mod"
- Desert storm + black paintjob, extended barrel and custom made functional under barrel attachment (RPG)

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