LASER GADGETS by Patrick Priebe

Steampunk Laser-Rifle

- Custom Laser Guns / Rifles. LiPo battery or Li Ion
- 1,2 and 3 Watt blue laser available
- Battery-indicator
- Air-cooling
- Matching background LEDs
- Laser engravings (names, logos, initials)
- Custom paint

Sonic Screwdriver, alternative design

- Static extended version with more brass and light.
- Stand on request.

Jetpack Prop Mk I

- Jetpack Prop with lights.
- Full metal, custom colors and LEDs.
- Hidden main switch will light it up.

Steampunk Space Blaster

- Steampunky Spacegun.
- Lot of brass, some copper details.
- Blue light in the barrel, orange light in the rear.
- Battery storage in the grip, blue laser in the front.

Revolver "RayVolver" Mk IV

- Heavy revolver, full metal, custom lights. What looks like brass is brass, same for the copper.
- Grip panels made from exotic wood, battery storage under the left one. Matching stand on request.

Revolver "RayVolver" Mk III

- Battery department in the grip, hidden under the wooden panel, orange LED in the rear (tube), white in the front, customizable
- Material is steel, brass, copper, grip is made from aluminium, painted, custom color
- Laser on request, 3.5W blue max

Heavy long Rifle Mk II

Custom colors and LEDs, initials in 24k gold on palisander rosewood, full metal (copper, steel, brass and aluminum) for the body.
Moving parts and battery display on request.

Gauss Cane

Functional electromagnetic dartlauncher. Gem on top acts as trigger, side-button for charging.
Locking mechanism for the breech on request. Custom colors and LEDs.


Steampunk Blaster, custom LEDs, 2W laser max, clear barrel with glass lenses, matching stand on request.

WristLaser Bow

WristLaser Bow (prop), fires a laser but no bolt. Custom LEDs.

Steampunk Cricket

No laser, LEDs on request

Steampunk Rifle

Custom paint, LEDs, battery hatch, aiming laser and burning main laser

Steampunk Flintlock Lasergun

1.5W blue laser, 2mW red aiming laser and LEDs (optional)


Rosewood grip, brass and copper parts, LEDs and lasers on request, runs on a single Li Ion cell.

Optical Disruptor

Rosewood grip, brass and copper parts, LEDs and lasers on request, runs on a single Li Ion cell.

Steampunk Blaster #2

Arm Cannon

Retro Raygun

Steampunk "Phaser" Mk II

- Prop with LEDs, no trigger, just a main switch for the LED.

EM1 Quantum Inspired Steampunk Rifle

Deus Ex - P.E.P.S. inspired Steampunk Gun

Model 2

Steampunk Rifle


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